DWITE Contest

End of Round One

By amleshjk on Sunday November 28, 2010 At 09:08PM

This round seemed to be one of the livelier ones, having over 180 teams that have submitted solutions. Congratulations to Cyril Zhang (Team Cyril) from Don Mills Collegiate Institute who came in first place, followed closely by Daniel Hui (Team d310) from Woburn Collegiate Institute, and Gary Zeng (Team PropagandaPanda) also from Don Mills Collegiate Institute.

There was an issue with Question 1, stating that a date format of DD MM YYYY would be input when in reality the test case has dates such as 1 1 1 and 28 3 2010. Additionally at the start of the contest their where a few minutes of down time due to an issue with our EC2 instance running the front end. Well already have a plan to correct this for next round and hopefully we will be downtime free.

We hope you all enjoyed this first round of DWITE, and hopefully you'll join us for the upcoming contests too