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Tony Targonski (Tony)
Public Relations & Question Writer
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Daniel Servos (Dan)
Webmaster, Developer & Programmer
Email: dservos5@uwo.ca
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Amlesh Jayakumar (AJ)
Question Writer
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Cyril Zhang
Question Writer
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For support with contests, accounts, teams, etc send an e-mail detailing your issue to help@dwite.org.
Send the e-mail from the same address as listed on your dwite.org account if possible and be sure to include your user name and team name.

Support E-mail: help@dwite.org


Our official forums are hosted at with compsci.ca as a subforum under contests. You may need to sign up there to post.

CompSci.ca DWITE Forum

IRC Chat Room

We have an irc chat room set up for talk about dwite.org and programming contests on the afternet irc network:

Server: Afternet.org
Channel: #dwite.org