DWITE Contest

2010-2011 Begins

By Dan on Wednesday October 27, 2010 At 07:33AM

Today is the first round of the 2010-2011 DWITE season. So far we have 164 teams signed up to take the contest consisting of over 370 students.This will also be the first round that our new question writer, AJ, will be contributing to.

Python has been upgraded to version 2.7 and a separate option for version 3.1 has been added. See the Judge page for more details.

The judge's hardware and software have been upgraded. The judge should now have improved randomization of test case order and more behind the scenes logging to allow us to provide support faster when things go wrong. We will also be trying out running the front end on theAmazon Cloud, which we hope will provide faster access, increased reliability and greater up time.

Finally we have set up a new support e-mail, , for use during the contest and for account support in general. Using this e-mail will allow for faster responses to questions then e-mailing my self or tony directly.

Have fun!