DWITE Contest

E-Mail Issues & Updates

By Dan on Sunday October 07, 2007 At 06:59AM

We have updated our DNS records and tweaked our mail server so a lot more mail servers should allow our mail to get threw. If you still have not got your activation e-mail try the resend feature on the log in page or send an e-mail to dan@compsci.ca from the e-mail you signed up with and include your user name and we will set it up. (This is for both users and teachers that have not had there account activated yet.)


  • You can now select SSL log in on the log in page for more security.
  • Some spelling fixes
  • Fixed a bug in the teacher registration that caused an error to pop up.
  • Finished the ContestCP (tho you can not see this yet)
  • Fixed user reported bugs

The front end is basically ready to go for the contest on Friday, now we just have to tweak the judge and we will be ready to run this thing!