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TeacherCP and Updates

By Dan on Monday October 01, 2007 At 03:31AM

The TeacherCP is now online are we are starting to activate teacher accounts. If you have not yet verified your e-mail your account will not be activated until you do. Teacher accounts with e-mails that are not from there school or school board may take longer to verify.

We have done other updates around the site as well such as adding a way to resend your e-mail activations in case they did not show up for you. You can find that on the login page or here: http://dwite.org/login/resend

We are currently having a problem with hotmail not showing our e-mails in there inbox or junk mail. We are contacting hotmail about this, but till then hotmail e-mails can not be used to sign up for new accounts. All current hotmail accounts will be activated with out verification.

If you find any bugs or any errors pop up well using the site please contact us and let us know.