DWITE Contest

End of Round One

By Dan on Wednesday October 21, 2009 At 06:25PM

The judge is still finishing off some marking and the updated scores will show up soon.

It looks like we had around 151 teams submit solutions today, making it one of the largest DWITE rounds we have had. Unfortunately this did lead to a bit of a slow down in marking witch we will try to fix for the next round.

bbi5291 (Brian Bi) from Woburn Collegiate Institute took first place in this round, fallowed close behind Delay(-1), Kuro and HeadlessException from Woburn Collegiate Institute, Richmond Hill High School, and Vincent Massey.

If you have any questions, suggestions or complaints please feal free to contact Dan or Tony. We need your feed back to improve DWITE.

We hope you all had fun and we look forward to seeing you next round.