DWITE Contest

DWITE 2009-2010 Year Starts

By Dan on Thursday September 10, 2009 At 08:42AM

It's back to school time and that means it's time for another year of the DWITE programming contests!

We have updated the DWITE website with the dates and times for the DWITE rounds for this school year. Teams may now register through the TeamCP (or their Teacher may sign them up through the TeacherCP). Remember that you will still be in your old teams from last year by default and will need to leave your old team if you want to make or join a new one.

This year we will be having 8 rounds (4 per school semester) as apposed to the classic 5 rounds. We feel that this will allow students in semestered schools that have their Computer Science class in the winter term to have a chance to participate as well.

Note that there will be no rounds in September or February.