DWITE Contest

DWITE 2008-09 End of Season

By Tony on Friday February 20, 2009 At 02:31AM

The 2008-09 DWITE season has come to an end. Hopefully it kept you guys in shape, as CCC and ECOO are coming up next.

I think this last Round went well. We've had a great turnout!

It being the last Round of the season, I've tried to push you guys a little bit. Questions 4 and 5 came with a range of test cases, from simple to complex. There was room for applying certain assumptions and heuristics, and some teams delivered just that. Personally, I've enjoyed the fact that this Round was not finished in half an hour, as some other Rounds were. Still, not everyone was happy; you may complain about it on the forums.

Special congratulations go out to Tom Szymanski (team: Walrus Cannon), who scored top spot for himself and Vincent Massey. As usual, get in touch with me. I'm actually horribly behind on mailing out the promised books, for a variety of reasons. Horrible organization skills likely top the list though.

The rest of top performing schools, for this round, were: Richmond Hill High School, W L Mackenzie CI, Lisgar Collegiate Institute, Waterloo Collegiate Institute, Victoria Park C.I., and Thornlea S.S..

There was some interest expressed in having DWITE continue through the Spring/Summer months, at least in some capacity. I'm not sure how feasible this might be, mostly in terms of availability of dates, questions, and participation rates... Though talk to us, and we'll see what might happen.

Lastly, I'd like to thank Dan for keeping this entire setup operational, figuring out what happened when things go wrong (and they do... often!), and generally putting up with me over the years. We couldn't have done this without you Dan.