DWITE Contest

re: DWITE Round 3 of '08-09 season

By Tony on Friday December 19, 2008 At 12:15AM

Some of the questions this round were inspired by the actual students discussing their assignments on the forums; if something seemed familiar, that would be why. Here's my obfuscated take on Q1: ASCII Rhombus.

This round has been taken by Woburn Collegiate Institute, as a school, taking all of the top 3 spots. Well done guys. Also in the top 10 are Don Mills C.I., Vincent Massey, University of Toronto Schools, Victoria Park C.I., and Western Technical-Commercial School.

The top teams, one again, had a round of speed-coding -- racing to the top spot, swapping positions as new submissions were uploaded. It was a close race, but Hanson came out on top. Beat Hanson was following on par, until the very last Question, where a single time-bonus point elapsed, resulting in the 2nd (but prized! place).

Brian Bi -- you know what to do.