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re: DWITE Round 2 of '08-09 season

By Tony on Friday November 21, 2008 At 01:34AM

re: DWITE Round 2 of '08-09 season ------

Seems that Round 2 turned out to be quite an improvement over the first. There were 134 scoring teams (that's 20 more than last month); and there were no complaints about the data sets.

Most teams have done very well. In fact, top 25% of the teams have lost no more than 2 of 25 test cases. A race for faster implementations became the deciding factor, and (perhaps in not at all a surprise result) Hanson had quickly secured his winning position in the first half an hour of the contest.

Woburn C.I. has reclaimed their top spot; Don Mills Collegiate Institute is a new name in top 10, at 2nd place (well done!). Victoria Park C.I. scored 3rd. Vincent Massey continues to have an overall strong presence, taking 4 of the top 10 spots. Waterloo C.I. completes the list.

Hanson Wang -- I've got your copy of Little Brother on my desk. Let me know where I could send it to.

There are 3 more copies of the signed books, and 3 more rounds in the season. It's one book per team per season, so one doesn't need to pass Hanson's score to get a prized spot in next rounds.