DWITE Contest

DWITE Today and Site Updates

By Dan on Thursday November 20, 2008 At 11:27AM

Round 2 of the 2008-2009 DWITE season will start today at 3:15AM EST. We have 155 teams singed up to take this round and hope to have a great turn out.

There have also been some updates to the site. You can now learn what compilers the judge is using and how it will run and compile your code on the judge page: http://dwite.org/judge. You can also find the system specs for the computer the judge is running on there, notes about each languages and where to download the complier and programs the judge is using to have the best odds of your code running.

We have also changed how e-mails are displayed on user profiles, e-mails can now only be viewed well you are logged in and you now have the option to hide your e-mail from every one in the UserCP. There is also a new option in the UserCP to stop getting e-mails from us reminding you about contests or getting dwite questions if you have a teacher account.

Another add on is our Admin Notice system witch will display messages during a contest in the ContestCP if there is a know problem with the judge or a question so you know if the judge is broken and you should move on to a new question. This is one feature we hope will not get much use.

Good luck to all thous taking the contest and have fun!