DWITE Contest

DWITE Today!

By Dan on Thursday October 23, 2008 At 04:49AM

Today is the first round of the 2008 DWITE season!

The turn out looks good for this one with 135 teams, 316 users and 35 schools singed up so far. For thous not singed up yet you can still get in on the fun if you register and have you team sing up be for the start of the contest. The contest will start at 3:15PM EST and will run for 3 hours till 6:15PM EST.

New this round is the addition of the Lua programming language and we now support the Ready to Program (RTP) java libraries witch have been included in the java class path. We also hope to have a small prizes this year for the top team in each round. You can find out more on the CompSci.ca Blog.

Also please note that we will be more heavily enforcing the rule that decisions of the DWITE judge are final, we realise there are cases where the judge marks something wrong due to a bug, misconfiguration or difference in compilers however changing the scores for a team is complex and creates issues with scores changing after the contest is over. We would still love to hear of any problems you may have with the judge as it will let us fix any bugs or errors in software be for future rounds.