DWITE Contest

DWITE 2008-2009

By Dan on Wednesday September 03, 2008 At 04:46AM

A new season of the DWITE programming contest is starting and we have picked the dates for the 5 rounds. This year we will start off with our first contest on October 23rd, witch should give students enough time to get started in school and learning refreshing the programming skills as well as us some time to get the site and judge up to shape for the new season.

You can view the contest dates on the contest calendar.

For thous joining us again for this season, you may use your old teams to sing up for the new 2008-2009 contests, make new teams or have your teacher assign new students to your old team. Having an old or new team will not effect your ranking for this season but using an old team will let you keep your old teams name and profile page.

For thous new to the contest or wanting to sing up check out the how to join page.

Currently the site will be undergoing some changes so there may be a few errors and bugs for the first few weeks of September as well as delays in verifying teacher accounts. Also last seasons rankings pages will be moved to a new past rankings page and the current rankings page will be cleared for this upcoming season.