DWITE Contest

End of 2007-2008

By Dan on Tuesday February 12, 2008 At 06:41PM

Round 5 concludes the DWITE contests for this season. We hope you all had fun and learned something form our contest and that you will be back next year.

To days contest had 106 submitting teams (about 300 students) and the wining teams where Beat Guru #1 fallowed by Hari Guppy and Team 0x0B00. Since this is the last contest of the school year we are also announcing the over all winners for this season:


  • 1st, Beat Guru #1 with 3192 points
  • 2nd, Clan 345 with 2901 points
  • 3rd, Byakuei with 2849 points

  • 1st, Hanson with 3192 points
  • 2nd, HazySmoke 345, krasoft and HailSpray 345 all with 2901 points
  • 3rd, Foundation with 2884 points

We will be starting up the official DWITE contest rounds again in September or October of next school year and hope to have many upgrades to the site and judging program along with other surprises in store. For more contest action in the mean time, be sure to check out the CCC ran by University of Waterloo and stay tuned to the Computer Science Canada Blog for an upcoming article about the CCC and tips for taking programming contests that should be posted in the next week.

If you have any suggestions for future contest, ideas, comments or even criticisms lets us know on the contact page so we can make the contest better for you! We would also love to hear about if you think there should be more then 5 DWITE rounds a year and what you taught of the questions this round.

See you next year!