DWITE Contest

End of Round 4

By Dan on Tuesday January 15, 2008 At 06:31PM

Round 4 of DWITE has come to an end with the top teams being "The Elite Four [M]", "Woburn ChEaTeD!!! *cries*" and "Super Rainbow Dancing Monkeys".

There where a few bugs this round due to some last minute changes to the front end and judge that where meant better handle the stress from so many users loading the site at once. Well thees changes seem to have worked they also broke the VB.NET compiler and created an error when the teachers tyred to view the on going contest.

The VB.NET error was corrected during the contest and the VB.NET submissions where remarked during the contest and should show the right mark for the teams now. We will have the bug int he ContestCP for teachers view ongoing contests worked out by next contest for sure.

If you have any comments, suggestions or found any other bugs this round please let us know (our contact information is on the contact info page). We need your feed back to let us know how we did and what should be changed or fixed for the next round.