DWITE Contest

Round 4

By Dan on Tuesday January 15, 2008 At 10:27AM

Today is the 4th round of the DWITE 2007/2008 contest. As of right now there are 139 teams singed up to write the contest!

We know that some teams where having problems last contest using pascal with dev-pascal or turbo-pascal with our Free pascal compiler so we have added a new language option witch is "Dev/Trubo Pascal" witch still uses free pascal but puts it in to compatibility mode be for compiling your code. If you are using Dev or Turbo pascal use this language and if you are using normal pascal you can use the "Free Pascal" option.

There have been a few changes to the judge and front end since the last contest witch are not as test as i would like them to be so i hope there will be no major bugs this contest but if there is, please hang with us as we try to work them out.