DWITE Contest

Site Updates

By Dan on Monday December 10, 2007 At 06:07PM

We have updated the software for the front end of the site. It should now be faster and be able to handle more connections at a time. We have also added more mongrel clusters (from 10 to 16) in hopes that it will help balance out the load during contests.

Along with the performance updates we have also added a javascript count down to the contest page so you can see the count down till when the next contest will start. This way teams will not have to refresh constantly before a contest. We also added the current server time below the javascript countdowns so students with out javascript support or the a correct local time on there computer.

There has also been updates to how the ranking page and past contest pages work. Now if a team leader deletes there team there scores and rank for past contests will stay and the ranks will not change. We also now have the feature of being able to view the code that past teams have submitted (only the best submission of the 2 is shown).