DWITE Contest

End of Round 2

By Dan on Wednesday November 14, 2007 At 06:29PM

Round 2 of dwite is now over and the winner of this round seems to be the Flavius Jhadgius from Woburn Collegiate Institute with the Guppy Attack from Vincent Massey in a close second. We would like to thank all teams, schools and users for participating in this round of dwite and we hope you all had a good time. You can see detailed results here.

There seemed to be a lot less bugs in this version of the judge and things got marked a lot faster tho we did have some server lag when every one was refreshing the page over and over at the beginning. The biggest issue of this round was a cat that manged to jump on the keyboard of the computer running the judge and crashing it for a few minutes.

We would love to hear your feed back about how you felt this round went and what you thought about the questions. Send your comments, bug reports and anything else to either tony or i (you can find our contact info on the contact page).