DWITE Contest

Contest Day

By Dan on Wednesday November 14, 2007 At 02:19AM

Today is the day of the 2007 November round of dwite and as of right now there are 130 teams signed up to partake in the fun.

We have some tips for writing the contest so your team can score as high as possible:

  1. Make sure you are reading from and too the right file. If you output to the wrong file the judge will not see it and you will get 0!
  2. If you are using java make sure your file name is the exactly the same (including case) as your class that has the main method. Java is case sensitive so if you capitalize it differently the judge will not be able to run it and you may end up with 0.
  3. Make sure you select the right language and the right file type for the language so the judge can compile it.
  4. Read the problems carefully and take a look at the example input and output given. Some of the questions can be tricky!
  5. The judge might be slow so do not wait for it to mark your submission be for moving on to the next problem. You can always come back and use your 2nd submission after it is marked.
  6. If something goes relay wrong with the judge like totals being added up incorrectly or the site is showing an error of some kind, do not stop, we might be able to fix scoring or judge errors after the contest has ended. Have your teacher contact either tony or i about the problem and keep going!

In the event of something going very wrong with the judge like a power outage or Internet outage we will continue the marking as soon as the problem is fixed witch may be after the contest has ended. The front end and judge are on different systems so you should be able to submit solutions even if the judge is broke. If anything goes wrong we will post a notice to the news section.