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Fake DWITE E-Mails

By Dan on Monday November 12, 2007 At 08:05AM

Some one has been sending out fake e-mails asking for users password and user name for DWITE.ca.

We did not send thees e-mails! Do not reply to them and never give out your password to any one! If you have given out your password to one of thees scam mails change your password ASAP.

If your account has been taken over, let me know right away so we can get to the bottom of this and ban the user responsible. We will never ask you for your password and if we do e-mail you it will come from an @dwite.org or my personal lakeheadu.ca e-mail (note that e-mail address can be spoofed so still do not trust e-mails from these sources right away).