DWITE Contest

DWITE October 2007

By Tony on Friday October 12, 2007 At 06:03PM

A thank-you goes out to all the teams that took part. This was the first contest that implemented a system, new from the previous 5 years, so naturally there were some bugs that have slipped through.

One of the issues that came up for some teams was that their total did not add up correctly. We'll be recalculating the totals shortly after the contest is over and the judge finishes marking all the submissions. The scores might change for some of the teams, even after the contest is over. Check back in the ContestCP for last contest's results.

I would like to congratulate all the top teams, and wish everyone else a good-luck in next month's contest. Everybody else gets a "hello"

We've already put together a to-do list for improvements to be made by the next contest, but any feedback is still vital for the development of DWITE. What did you think of the new interface? Where the problems too hard? Too easy? Send us absolutely anything via any of the contact options listed on the Contact Info page.