DWITE Contest

How the Contest Will Work

By Dan on Thursday October 11, 2007 At 09:06PM

Friday's contest will be the first public test of our new DWITE system and a lot has changed from the past year's version of the contest. Thees are the steps to take when writing the contest:

  1. Make sure you team is registered, signed up for a contest and has at least one member in the roster
  2. At exactly 3pm the ContestCP page (found on the left menu below TeacherCP) will display the current contest, the questions for it and the current standings.
  3. Once the contest has started one member of your team (any one on the roster, tho this may or may not include the team leader/owner) should log in and go to the ContestCP page.
  4. To view a question click on the link that says "Question #" (the # will be fallowed by a number).
  5. Once your team has completed the question, click the link that says submit solution witch is right beside the link for the question.
  6. Select the programming language you wrote the solution in from the drop down list and select the file witch contains your code for the solution and then hit submit. This will put the solution in the list to be marked by the judge.
  7. On the ContestCP page you will see a list of solutions you have submitted, once they are marked a score will be shown for them and you can view the report the judge made well marking it. To view this report click "view output".
  8. After you have submitted a solution you may move on to a new question or submit a new solution to the same question. You can submit up to 2 solutions per question, the best score of the 2 will be added to your total score for the contest.

So you submit solutions threw the ContestCP and you also view the questions there. You can use any language listed for any solution and any team member may submit a solution to the questions listed as long as they are logged in. Please make sure you submit the right file type for the language you are using.