DWITE Contest


By Dan on Thursday October 11, 2007 At 12:09AM

We have spent the day testing the system and installing compilers on the judge and have had some positive results. The fallowing compilers will be available for the contest on Friday for sure:

  • Java - javac 1.6.0_02
  • Turing - Turing 4.1 (should be back words compatible with other Turing versions)
  • C - gcc 3.4.4 cygwin
  • C++ - g++ 3.4.4 cygwin
  • Ruby - 1.8.6
  • Perl - v5.8.8 built for cygwin-thread-multi-64int
  • Python - 2.5.1
  • PHP - 5.2.4
  • Pascal - gpc based on gcc-3.4.4 cygwin
  • VC++ - 2005 Express
  • VB - 2005 Express
  • C# - 2005 Express
  • J# - 2005 Express

Unfortunately i have yet to find a good and free delphi compiler and we may not have it delphi ready for the contest. Today we testing Turing, Java, C++ and ruby with the judge and for the most part they all worked OK after some tweaking. The other compilers listed above will be available on contest day but will not have been thoroughly tested beyond a few "Hello World" type programs.

If you need a different compiler or wont more information on the compilers available please contact dan@compsci.ca