DWITE Contest

That's it for the 2010-2011 Season

By Tony on Wednesday February 23, 2011 At 06:47PM

As AJ has so nicely put it the morning before the final round of this season:

DWITE today! Good luck with this round...you'll need it ;)

The difficulty was certainly turned up, and there were plenty of 0/5 and 1/5 scores even from the top 10 teams. 145 teams participated this round, 133 teams received non-zero scores. Cyril Zhang (of team Cyril; Don Mills Collegiate Institute), Mike Seo (of team MikeS; W L Mackenzie CI), and Kevin Yeo (of team KYeo; also W L Mackenzie CI) secured the top 3 spots this round. Congrads.

Cyril ninja~ed that win, with a late start:

Late for round 5 due to music competition. ~_~

You, sir, are ridiculous. I'm impressed, and a little bit scared.

That's it for the season!. CCC is less than a week away (March 1st, 2011), and ECOO is shortly after. Hopefully DWITE has made you more prepared to take on those competitions.

Just in case we don't have enough of those feedback links plastered all over the front page today, here it is again! http://dwite.uservoice.com/ It's quite important for us to hear back from you, about anything. Do you think we should have more questions about bacon? Sure, whatever. Make that suggestion and vote it up to the very top. We'll be looking at this to make changes and taking on new projects for the next season.