DWITE Contest

Round 4 results

By Tony on Wednesday January 12, 2011 At 06:47PM

Another Round done! Some usual stats: 134 participating teams, 122 receiving non-zero scores. The top 3 places go to team CKMS (W L Mackenzie CI), team * Star * (Lisgar Collegiate Institute), and Cyril Zhang (of team Cyril) (Don Mills Collegiate Institute). Congrads.

I'd like to especially thank Amlesh Jayakumar (AJ) for getting the questions ready early, and kicking our ass to have them all reviewed ahead of time. I've actually gotten reasonable amount of sleep last night, _and_ there were no errors in the test data. Many of the top teams have gotten full 5/5 points on all the questions.

Other teams just tried to guess what the answers were. Nice try.

There's one more round for this season -- the final Round 5 is scheduled for February 23rd. The rest of the school year is left for CCC (March 1st, 2011) and ECOO (first rounds in early March). Visit our forums with questions and for discussions of programming competitions.