DWITE Contest

Round 3 results

By Tony on Wednesday December 15, 2010 At 11:36PM

And that's Round 3! 157 participating teams, 139 with non-zero scores. Less than previous rounds, but that should have been expected of a December round. Cyril Zhang (Don Mills Collegiate Institute; team: Cyril), Jerry Liu (Waterloo Collegiate Institute; team: AJ is fat; yup, our AJ has a fanbase), and Bryan Qiu (Richmond Hill High School; team: clrscr;) take the top 3 places. Congrads.

There was a mess up with Question 3, as we had to replace the question at the last moment. As usual, the forums is an excellent place to ask for clarifications and watch for supplementary discussion during and after the Rounds.

The move of our infrastructure into the cloud appears to have gone well. The website seems to have been more responsive during the contest, although it seems that some of the database-stored time had issues. Timezones are hard.