DWITE Contest

Get your team ready!

By Dan on Tuesday October 09, 2007 At 03:14PM

The Friday contest is coming up fast and we are getting ready for it as fast as we can but we also need your teams to be ready and set up to do the contest.

To be able to do the contest your teams needs to be signed up for it and have at least 1 member in the roster. Team owners/leaders can set this up in the TeamCP and Teachers can also set this up for there teams in the TeacherCP.

The fallowing teams are not signed up for a contest and need to have there teacher or team owner go in to the TeamCP or TeacherCP and click "Sign up for a contest" and then sign up for "DWITE 2007/2008 round 1":

  • Error 101
  • Abundance4.0
  • BooJason
  • BrownOut
  • winged cat
  • the analytic therapists
  • IBM-9001

The fallowing teams have no one in there roster and need to add at least one team member:
  • sacpras
  • Kansas

If you need help seating up your team or with anything else please contact dan at dan@compsci.ca or tony via this contact form.