DWITE Contest


DWITE Closed Until Further Notice

The DWITE contest will not be accepting new registrations or having new contest rounds until further notice. As such the registration, login and UserCP pages are offline and the site is in a read only mode. If the contest starts up again a notice will be posted on the main page.


1. Dates and times for upcoming contests will be found on the Home page and on the Contest Calendar.

2. Register your account and team at least 72 hours in advance of the contest start time. Any registrations received after this time are not guaranteed to be included in the contest.

3. Teams must apply for each contest through their TeamCP.

4. Problem submissions will be accepted after the contest start time through the TeamCP.

5. The contest will run for exactly 3 hours. Any submissions received after the end of the contest will not be judged.


1. This site is set up for Canadian secondary school students.

2. Up to four students per team.

3. Do not cheat. This is meant to be a practice competition.
- no consulting with non-team members in any manner
- no pre-written algorithms or code


1. One computer, per team, installed with the programming language(s) that the team will be using.

2. One calculator.

3. Unlimited amounts of pens, pencils, erasers, and paper.

4. One reference book, written by the software manufacturer or a reference book with an ISBN number and approved by the teacher, for each programming language used by team. (teachers can add photocopied pages from other reference books but can not add there own notes or code segments.)

5. Recommended - One computer set up to view the online judge and current rankings during the contest or for the teacher to contact us via IRC or E-mail if somthing goses wrong.

Accommodations and Accessibility

Accommodations to the rules can be made for students with disabilities at the teacher's discretion, however we can not change the length of the contest due to it being automated. (If there is anything we can do to make the site or contest more accessible to a student please contact us but we would ask that you do not mention there name or user name to protect there right to privacy.)

Problem Submission

1. Submit your submission through the ContestCP under Current Contest

2. Your submission most fill out all the fields in the submission process correctly.

3. Depending on the programming language used the following files must be submitted:

Cthe .c fileUses gcc to compile
C++the .cpp fileUses g++ to compile
Delphithe Unit1.dcu file.The project must be named Project1 and the unit must be named Unit1
Javathe .java fileIf you have more then one class try to put them in one java file and have only have the one with the main method as public
Pascalthe .pas file
Rubythe .rb file
PHPthe .php fileDo not output HTML to the file. Just plain text.
DOS Turingthe .t file
Turing 3.x to 4.1the .t file This comand line compiler is still experimental at best, use DOS Turing if you have it.
VB6the Form1.frm file. The file must be named Form1.frm
VC6the .cpp file. Create a console application and then submit the .cpp file.
VBNthe .vb module file. Create a console application and then submit the .vb module file.

4. Submissions must execute and terminate within a 2.5 second time frame.

5. Submissions will input from a text file.
Depending on the Problem Number use the following names for the input file.

Problem #Name of Input File
Problem 1DATA1.txt
Problem 2DATA2.txt
Problem 3DATA3.txt
Problem 4DATA4.txt
Problem 5DATA5.txt
Read each question carefully to understand the format of the input file.

6. Submissions will output to a text file.
Depending on the Problem Number use the following names for the output file.

Problem #Name of Output File
Problem 1OUT1.txt
Problem 2OUT2.txt
Problem 3OUT3.txt
Problem 4OUT4.txt
Problem 5OUT5.txt
Read each question carefully to understand the format of the output file.

7. Decisions of Judge DWITE are final.

8. After a submission is judged, the score will be updated in the ContestCP under Current Contest.


1. At most, two successful submissions are allowed per problem. The best score will overrule the score of the first submission.

2. A submission will be graded against a set of five required outputs, each worth 20 marks.

3. A bonus of 10 marks will be awarded for a first submission, with each of the five required outputs being correct and no other submission submitted for the question.

4. A bonus of 1 mark will be awarded for each five minute interval left in the competition at the time of submission, provided that at least one of the five outputs was correct.


1. Any staff involved in the writing of contest questions may not participate in that contest.

2. All such staff may not disclose the questions of the contest in till after the contest has been completed.

Terms of Use

1. All users most agree to fallow the Terms of Use