DWITE Online Computer Programming Contest
October 2010
Problem 1
Age Gate

DWITE has traditionally been a high school level contest, so to ensure that no middle schoolers try to sneak in and make older students feel uncomfortable, an age gate is being considered.

The input file DATA1.txt will contain 5 lines, each having 3 integers representing a person's birth date, in a form of DD MM YYYY (separated by spaces).

The output file OUT1.txt will contain 5 lines of output, decisions if the participant is at least 13 years old as of today (27 10 2010) or not. Print old enough or too young depending on the age.

Sample Input (first 3 shown):
28 10 1997
27 10 1997
26 11 1997
Sample Output (first 3 shown):
too young
old enough
too young