DWITE Contest

How To Join

DWITE Closed Until Further Notice

The DWITE contest will not be accepting new registrations or having new contest rounds until further notice. As such the registration, login and UserCP pages are offline and the site is in a read only mode. If the contest starts up again a notice will be posted on the main page.

For Students

  1. Register for a user account.
  2. Confirm your e-mail by clicking on the link we send you.
  3. Make or join a team using the TeamCP.
  4. Have your team sign up for one of our upcoming contests.
  5. On the date of the contest have a teacher supervise the writing of the contest and use the TeamCP to submit your solutions.

Optional: Have your teacher supervisor sign up for a teacher account so they can edit your school's details and mark your team as an official school team.

For Teachers

  1. Have your students register for a user account.
  2. Divide students in to teams of 4 and assign a student from each team as the team leader. This student should make the team through the TeamCP.
  3. Have the other students join their team through the TeamCP.
  4. Have the team leader sign up for the upcoming contest they want to participate in.
  5. On the date of the contest, supervise the teams writing the contests and ensure that the rules are followed.

Optional: Sign up for a teacher account so you can edit your school's details and mark teams as official school team so they can be shown in the overall ratings page.

To ask any questions or if you have any comments use the Contact Page to contact us.