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The amazing for ()_{} loop

From: Vaughan Secondary School

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About The amazing for ()_{} loop

The statements and declarations in a for statement are repeatedly executed. In the first iteration, the identifier is assigned the value of first. With each additional iteration, the identifier increases by 1 (or by increment, if the by clause is present). The loop stops executing when adding 1 (or increment) to the identifier would cause the identifier to exceed last. first and last must be integer values (or else enumerated or char values). If you specify decreasing, then the identifier decreases by 1 (or by increment) each time through. Increment must be a positive integer value. When the by clause is present, the for loop terminates as soon as the identifier would become greater than last, unless decreasing is present. If decreasing is present, the loop terminates when the identifier would become less than last.

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