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The National Security Agency Recruiting Office

From: Woburn Collegiate Institute

  • High School

About The National Security Agency Recruiting Office

Do you want to be part of a team which consists of the world's most 1337 programmers? Do you want to take a more proactive role in protecting America's secrets? Do you enjoy hacking? Are you super 1337 at it? If so, then the NSA is for you. America has never had more of a need for hackers who can break into any computer system in the world and leave no traces, hack into any e-mail account, wiretap people's phones without the knowledge of the public as well as human privacy activists, crack any computer code, etc. 500 terrorist attacks since 9/11 have been foiled because of the diligence, determination and incredible skill that programmers here at the NSA possess. (This figure is actually 500 too many. We have to exaggerate our accomplishments; otherwise, Congress won't give us any funding). Starting salaries begin at 0.01 USD per year (yes, even though we appreciate what our employees do for us, we enjoy paying them pittances for their work. Even better, being American government employees working in the military and intelligence sector, they don't seem to mind it) and can go up to 4 USD per year (that is, only if you're Director, which is a highly contested position). More information can be found at: www.this-is-not-the-real-NSA-recruiting-office.gov/fake-jobs/

Team Leader

Name: Bosco Leung

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