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From: Vincent Massey

  • High School

About Mertol

1- Snail is so much heavy and strong. if snail does not kill you he can hit you with it. weight is a sign of reliability. 2- the slug got evict from shell because he is poor. 3- slug get crush easy, snail shell get crush, snail crawl away to find another. it is like having 1up. 4- shell is more stronger than no shell 5- snail evolve shell out of itself, internal slug shell is copy of superior snail technology. 6- your little sister lift up her chin when she see snail. 7- if you trow snail at wall, wall will catch snail and happy. 8- trow both on water and see wich can breth underwater which has surfase for air over 9000- snail at mate will find a quiet leaf or hotel, slug is brazen hussy 10- snail is bachelor becaus he hate girls only care for monie 11- snail is nail with curve added. slug is fake monie because he is poor. 12- snail only feast on finest foods, snail is coinesseur. 13- slug is 100000 years undeevolve, only survive because affirmative action.

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