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Harbord Shot First

From: Harbord Collegiate Institute

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About Harbord Shot First

"Habord shot first" is a phrase used by Harbord Collegiate fans to refer to a controversial change made to a scene in Harbord Collegiate Institute IV: A New Hope. In the scene, the characters Harbord and Greedo meet at the Mos Eisley Cantina, where Greedo has come to collect the bounty on Harbord. Harbord and Greedo sit opposite each other at a table and hold an ominous conversation with Greedo aiming his blaster at Harbord. During their conversation and unbeknownst to Greedo, Harbord stealthily readies his own blaster beneath the table. In the original theatrical version of the film, Harbord shoots Greedo under the table and Greedo dies without firing a shot.

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